Halloween Costume Ideas

I'm not going to lie, I love Halloween. My inner soccer-mom-with-a-crafting-room comes to life as soon as mid October rolls around. If you're not convinced, just flashback to last year when I was drowning in midterms, essays, assignments, and planning a conference, I managed to hand sew on gold ribbons and buttons for my royal couple costume. #dedication

Below I've rounded up my top five costumes in case you need a little costume inspo this Halloween season.

1. Frat Boys

Arguably the easiest Halloween costume to throw together and excellent in groups, the frat boy ensemble made it acceptable to chug beer and call myself [Mack] for the night. You better believe there was a lot of dabbing on the dance floor.

What you need:
Shorts, button down shirt, baseball cap, red solo cup in hand, loud voice for yelling out fraternity cheers. Optional: large cardboard greek letters for holding and small printed out greek letters for sticking on your shirt.

2. Whoopee Cushion

(the letters aren't backwards IRL, this was a self timer....... no comment)
Definitely not your sexy kitten seeing as I first wore this in grade 7, this costume is pretty awesome. In all honesty, I'm still bitter that I came second to the kid dressed up as a clown in the costume contest. A clown? How original! The whoopee cushion costume is so comfortable and warm if you're going to be outside. Probably not the best if you're going to be inside in a packed house party.

What you need:
Large quantities of pink felt, a black sharpie, and a mother with sick sewing skills. Yes, my wonderful mother just threw this costume together sans pattern. 

3. Royal Couple

A note to all DIY costume makers: it's seven million times easier to make your costume look realistic if you have a picture to base it off of. My friend Elizabeth and I had a blast in these costumes (not pictured are our friends dressed up as lady Di, Prince Philip, Queen E, Pippa Middleton, and even baby Charlotte). Did I say I was committed to Halloween or did I say it??

What you need:
A picture of the royal family, a trip to dollarama to buy ALL the ribbons and gold buttons, a mini sewing kit, and some random clothing that looks somewhat suit ish/something a royal would wear.

4. Tooth Fairy and Toothpaste

I can't even count the amount of times my friend Maggie and I have gone out wearing couples costumes. Who said you need a significant other to pull off great paired costumes??

What you need:
For the fairy - white tutu and a toothbrush and/or wand. Optional wings and crown.
For the toothpaste - a large white sheet sewn in a tube shape and a steady hand for painting on the logo.

5. Martha Stewart

My girl Martha has been an inspiration of mine for years and what better way to pay tribute to your idols than to dress up as them for Halloween! This was kind of a low key costume but it gave me the opportunity to walk around all day in khakis with a plate of brownies.

What you need:
Preferably a blonde bob, khakis, a pastel button down, an apron, and handcuffs (too soon, Martha?). Optional: Baked goods to hand out.



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