I'm Moving...

Guess what? I'm moving! I'm packing up my bags and making the big 4 kilometre move to an apartment downtown. The place is perfect with high ceilings, wood floors and big windows. Did I mention my bedroom looks out onto a castle?! Well kind of. It's also a 15 minute walk from my office and a 30 second walk away from my friends Matt and Sarah, and Isabelle. Yoga studios, parks, cute cafes, bike paths, oh my. I'm really excited to move in.

I'm even more pumped that I'm going to be living with my longtime best friend Maggie. We've survived living together abroad and suffered through many awkward high school phases together so I'm pretty sure we've passed the ultimate tests of friendship.

As I take on this classic #adulting milestone and move into my first apartment in Ottawa, I'm excited to share with you my many discoveries and musings.

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