New York City Running Routes

Over Labour Day weekend I went on the most perfect trip to New York City. The thing is when I arrive in a new city, I only have one rule: No bad food shall be eaten. So over the years I have compiled lists and lists of restaurants, and coffee shops, and little hole in the wall ice cream places in cities all over the world.

At this point you may be fearing that I needed to roll home from said vacation but not to fear. The second reason I love travelling so much is the abundance of new running routes to indulge in. So while my eyes get to feast on new neighbourhoods, parks, and riverside trails, my body also gets a break from all the eating. Win win.

I've compiled a list of my must run routes I ran in New York along with a few photos I took en route if you would like to see...

1. Brooklyn Bridge & Dumbo

Take in the beauty of the Manhattan skyline by hitting up the network of breezy riverside paths along the Brooklyn side of the Hudson. Pass by Jane's Carousel and then head straight over the Brooklyn bridge into the city. You won't know whether it's your fast pace or the view that's taking your breath away!

2. Central Park

Arguably my favourite park in the world, Central Park has endless treelined paths winding past ponds, fountains, and monuments. Don't worry about taking a less travelled path and getting lost, there are maps everywhere. Hot tip: go early in the morning to avoid the hoards of tourists and ensure you see the park in all of its beauty.

3. West Village

West village is the neighbourhood of my dreams. You'll feel like you're going to run into Rachel and Ross as you sail by some of the city's most beautiful ivy clad brownstones and walk up apartments. The streets are narrow and criss cross throughout this area so don't expect to be going very fast, but well worth it for those hoping to get lost in day dreams of bumping into Carrie Bradshaw.

4. High Line and Hudson River Boardwalk

This is where you'll find the majority of runners in New York City and with reason! These paths are wide and breezy with a ton to look at, making them optimal for those long thought provoking sunrise jogs.

And a photo of me and my favourite travel buddy :) Thanks for eating an abnormal amount of avocado toast with me Sander. xox

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