An Ode to Running

For some reason I know that running will never not be a part of my life. It helps that I’ve grown up around so many runners. Heck, my mom first threatened to not date my dad unless he ran a marathon with her! Some of my earliest memories are of my mom coming home from long Sunday morning runs (you know the ones) and lifting me up on her feet in “airplane” while stretching out her hamstrings. Over the years, I went from being pushed around in a running stroller as an early riser baby, to cheering on my cousins in races, and eventually crossing the finish lines of my own half marathons. Looking back, running has just been there. It has been my way of coping, celebrating, thinking through, or just plain enjoying life. 

When I started at my current job at Export Development Canada, I was so happy when I realized I was surrounded by like-minded runners who thrive on getting together to work up a sweat and pound some pavement. With running groups heading out on the coldest winter days, and coworkers making their way to Parliament Hill for yoga during the scorching summer months, I knew I found my people.

In early March, a group of 11 of us are spreading our infectious love of exercise and heading down Guatemala with Impact Marathon. The organization aims to unite runners in areas of the world that need a little love. In partnership with local organizations, we will set out to support two United Nations Global Goals – Quality Education and Reduced Inequality. 

Here’s where I need your help. 

As much as our enthusiasm and will to help is crucial, what we really need is money. Even though our 21k run up a volcano (high altitude! uneven ground! hot temps!) is going to be one of the hardest things I'll ever overcome, it doesn't even come close to the struggle that some of the locals face every day. Every single dollar will go straight to the community, so please please donate what you can right here on our team page.

I can't wait to tell you about how it goes! We are going to be sleeping on an avocado farm with views of this volcano that's currently erupting (!!) and helping families with a bunch of different projects (like this neat initiative revamping local kitchens with safer, more sustainable, and efficient stoves).

Thank you for helping my team with this xoxoxo


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